Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday

Ellie turned 1 on August 31, and enjoyed a birthday celebration over Labor Day weekend. The party was a success, as far as 1-year-old's parties go...meaning she stayed awake and relatively happy through the whole party, including swimming, playing in the sprinkler, eating cake, and opening presents.
I was very pleased with how well the caterpillar cake turned out. Ellie even had her own miniature version of the cake. But we'll see if she continues to get home-made cakes for future birthdays, since planning and preparing for the party is time consuming enough without considering the baking and cake decorating.

Ellie loved opening all her presents and playing with the paper or boxes. But when Papi brought out the red wagon, she was a goner. I can't even count how many laps we made inside the house on that first day with cousin Paige aboard.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our Toddler is Toddling

From about 11 months on, Ellie was pretty much walking on her own, but Little Miss Cautious always felt the need to keep at least one finger on someone near by. So by the time she finally decided to be brave and take off on her own, she was a pro in no time.

It cracks me up when I hear those little feet moving as fast as they can across the kitchen floor to get to the dishwasher or fridge before I close the door (Ellie loves playing in both appliances). We also have lots of fun "chasing" each other and dancing. And our newest entertainment has come by way of trying to teach Ellie to is hilarious!


Our little snuggle bunny....Ellie must have really been missing her daddy while he was playing golf because she wouldn't leave his side once he got home.
But he'd better not dare talk during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....OR ELSE....
Just kidding. How could this little sweet face be anything but an angel?

Your Backyard Friends...

Ellie has become quite the Backyardigans fan. Her Granny got her a little Backyardigans fold out chair, that she just adores. Now we have to name each character as she points to them, no less than 20 times a day.
And when she hears that theme song, she stops whatever she's doing, starts dancing, and makes her way to the chair.
She may even nap in the chair on occasion, so she is sure to not miss another episode.