Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miss Manners

Ellie's personality is really starting to shine, and she's constantly cracking us up with the things she says. Her latest thing is to say "no thank you." Yes, this does sound like it is a good thing, but she doesn't just say "no thank you" when you offer her something that she doesn't want, but will also say it when you've asked her to do something. For example, we'll say, "Ellie, it's time to pick up your toys," to which she replies, "No, thank you." Or she and Daddy will be outside playing, until Daddy says it's time to go inside, and she'll say "No, thank you." And if you argue with her that yes, we must go inside now, she'll yell, "NO, THANK YOU!" enunciating every syllable. We crack up every time, which may not be the best way to get her to cooperate.