Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy Weekend Morning

This weekend, we got up early to get Ellie ready, then sent her off to Columbia with her grandparents to watch her cousin, Kameron, play soccer. That left the rest of us at home, in a fairly quiet house, with no immediate need to do much of anything....which was great!! We had a lazy breakfast, reading the paper and catching up on some magazines, while Max was his normal, happy self.

We've been utilizing the high chair quite a bit lately because it lets him sit straight up, at a height high enough for him to be part of the action. He was looking so cute that I had to snap some pictures, and I couldn't pick just one to post, so...... Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Max has discovered the bouncy seat and loves it. We usually hang it in the doorway of the office, and he'll happily bounce away while we catch up on work or email. We've only been putting him into the exersaucer or bouncy seat for about a month, and we can already tell a huge difference in the strength of his legs and core muscles. And since he loves to be on his tummy and push himself up, I'm predicting he'll be an early crawler.