Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Week 2011

Lake Week 2011 is now in the history books.  It was another fun filled week with lots of swimming, golfing, and eating.  Here are just a few of the highlights.

Miner Mike's

We can't go to the Lake without spending an afternoon at Miner Mike's. The kids really look forward to this day. We spend a ton of dough, and they come away with some lovely prizes - bouncy balls, parachute guys, and stickers - but at least they have lots of fun.

Putt Putt Golf at Pirate's Cove

"Can we go putt putt today?" was asked multiple times every day until we finally made it to the course.  Putt-putt with the kids is always interesting.  There were a few times that Jason had to make some quick moves to either avoid getting hit in the shins with a ball or retrieve a ball from going over a waterfall.  Max has quite the powerful little swing, and he doesn't practice putting too often. 

Annual Couples Golf Tournament

What would Lake Week be without the couples golf tournament.  Our outfits this year were very tame, with everyone sporting their college logos.  This year's variation included all the young ones competing against all the old ones.  Jason and I just made the cut to get to stay with the young group...I'm not sure I could handle it if I were considered in the "Old" group.  Unfortunately though, the young ones did not have the depth of experience that the Oldies did, and we sadly lost the Freed Cup to the saggier crew.  It will return to its rightful owners next year, though.

 The Young Team

The Old Team

Pool Time

There was lots of time spent in the pool and lake.  The kids got to swim every day, which they loved.  My kids are very fair, so they are never without sunscreen, which then keeps them looking rather fair.  At the beginning of the week, someone made the comment to Ellie that she was looking very white.  Her response..."I know.  I'm as white as a ghost.  I'd say white as an angel, but I'm not that good."  My kids are awesome.

Hanging Out Together Time

The best part of the week, in my opinion, is getting to hang out, relax, and visit with everyone.  While I was confined to the condo more than I would prefer (because a 5 month old baby can't be in the sun and still requires frequent naps), it's still nice to be on "vacation" with my family.  When we are all together there are 2 things that we never have a shortage of ... (1) good food and (2) laughter.  What more could we need?!

 Relaxing with Dad

 Happy Boy

 Crazy, Sweaty, Chloriney, Sunscreeny Haired Max

Some of the crew

 Alex and Danielle

 Abby and Sue

 Corey and Erin ("Hey Corey, Guess What?")

 Allie and Brad

Valerie and Kameron

 Kelly and Justin

Sherry and Pam

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Months Old

Isn't he just the cutest!?!!  He's getting so big, though I haven't weighed him lately.  Will's wearing 9-12 months clothes now, which is kind of crazy to me.  I thought it would be great having another boy born in the same season as Max, because I assumed I wouldn't have to buy tons of clothes.  Unfortunately, he is growing at a faster pace than Max did, so we're having to buy some summer clothes in bigger sizes.  I'm ready for the cooler weather (for so many reasons) so we can transition back to some of Max's duds.

We've slowed down on the baby food for a while.  He was eating it great, but his stomach didn't seem to like it too much.  He has a bit of a sensitive digestive system, just like Ellie did, so we're going to wait a little longer and hope it develops some more before venturing into jarred meats - GROSS.

We've been putting Will into the exersaucer and even brought the high chair out of the basement.  He loves being able to sit up straighter and watch everything that is going around him.  His big brother and sister love him to pieces and fight over who gets to hold him.  They can both get some big giggles out of him too.  I'll try to post a video soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yea For Baby Food

Our Little Man is growing up so quickly.  He tried baby cereal for the first time today and loved it.  I made just a tiny bit, foolishly thinking that he might struggle to eat off a spoon.  But he did not struggle at all.  I had to make 2 more helpings of cereal before he was finally finished.  I almost don't know what to do with a child that eats from a spoon so easily.  Here comes lots of fun with sweet potatoes and green beans.  YEA!!