Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 Months Old

I was a bit distracted, or I procrastinated, or I just forgot...but anyway, I didn't get a 7 month picture of Will with the proper signage, so these cute pictures will have to do for this month's update.

Mr. Smiley is just as cute and lovable as ever.  He's over 20 pounds now, though I don't know his exact weight.  He's finally sleeping a little better at night, but he still usually wakes up once during the night because he's hungry and has a wet diaper.  He still just has the one tooth, but we can see the whites of two more starting to break through...OUCH!

He is trying his best to figure out crawling, though it's still way too early in my opinion.  Both Ellie and Max didn't crawl till 9 months, and since Will is probably my last baby, I'd be perfectly happy if he doesn't start crawling for another few months.  I just want to enjoy this fun stage as long as possible before he's on the move.  He can move from the sitting position, onto his belly to try to scoot around and get something, then back to sitting all on his own.  And it seems that once they can move from tummy back to sitting by themselves, it's just a matter of time before they connect all the movements and figure out crawling. 

Will loves to clap and play patty-cake.  He'll dance (bounce and wave arms around) when Ellie is performing a routine or listening to music.  And he is starting to really like tv.  I know, I know, he shouldn't be watching tv yet, but it's kind of hard to avoid when there are older siblings.  The tv is constantly on Disney, Nick Jr., or Sprout, and he is already picking his favorites.  His head whips around to watch as soon as he hears the songs for Backyardigans, the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Blues Clues.

Will is our lovable, squeezable, smoochable little guy!

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