Friday, October 28, 2011

8 Months Old

I have failed, once again, in getting a picture of Will on his 8 month birthday, but that hasn't stopped him from growing and learning new things.  

Will is finally starting to enjoy baby food.  He'll eat most any kind of baby food, without making the yuk face, and he's even starting to try to table foods.  He loves to drink water from his sippy cup like the big kids.  He has two teeth now.

  Will is finally sleeping longer at night, which is awesome for us.  His soft, fine, baby hair is getting long enough to be messy when he wakes up in the morning, though he is certainly my baldest baby.  And he always wakes up happy in the morning.  Sometimes our only indication that he is awake, is when we hear his fish tank music box turn on.  We'll go in his room to find him standing at the fish tank or playing with his blanket, but we never hear any fussing or crying.  The same goes for waking up from naps.  In fact, the only time he fusses when waking up is if it is the middle of the night, and then it's necessary in order to get our attention.

Will is getting more and more verbal and loves to have conversations with us and his brother and sister.  He loves to blow raspberries and will sometimes give big, wet kisses, which I absolutely adore.  I can't get enough of this little guy.  Love him!

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