Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Supers!

We headed to Olivette this year to trick-or-treat with the Hesemanns, which was very exciting for us.  I'm so happy to have my sister living nearby, so we can do these types of fun things together.  All the kids dressed up like superheros (except for Audrey, who was an adorable, little bug).  Ellie and Ella were Supergirl, Max was Batman, and Will was Superman.  They were all adorable.

We walked through Laura & Nate's neighborhood or the cool Halloween night.  The houses there are on much bigger lots than in our neighborhood, so it takes a lot longer to go from door to door.  Which meant a slower trick-or-treating outing, and it meant the kids got a lot less candy than they would have had we stayed in our neighborhood.  But that's perfectly fine.  We always have way too much candy anyway, that ends up getting thrown out around Thanksgiving because it gets forgotten.

Ellie had 2 school Halloween parties/parades in the days leading up to Halloween.  Jason and I got to watch one parade, and adore all the kids in their awesome costumes.  What fun!  Next year will be even better when Will and Audrey are both able to walk and enjoy the evening a little more.  Can't wait.

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Stephanie said...


Ellie looks so grown up!

My, Will is such a big boy!

And, man! I just love Max! What a personality!